POS Evolution Terms and Conditions:

-Deposits made to POS Evolution for puchase of equipment and services, are non-refundable

– Equipment is not eligible for returns once opened

– Customer will have a payment card on file, for agreed-upon subscription and/or support services. This payment card will be automatically charged on the 1st day of each month, pursuant to the subscription license term outlined in the accepted proposal(s) and/or invoice(s).

– Customer acknowledges failure to remit payment, will result in an automatic suspension of the Revel POS Platform. In an effort to ensure that Public House 701 does not experience any disruption or delays from the use of the Revel POS Platform, a payment must be received.

– Customer agrees to have a payment card on file, set for automatic payments, for the remaining deposits necessary to complete the purchase of their technology software, hardware, and services.

– Customer acknowledges and accepts charges to their payment card on file, based on the amounts listed in their proposals and/or invoices.

– Customer acknowledges 3 Payment “Milestones”: 30% deposit to begin services, 50% deposit to order equipment, and final 20% of proposal and/or invoice prior to scheduling a final delivery and/or installation date.

– As a reminder, as outlined per the Customer Agreement included in the proposal, it states under item 2, Customer’s Use of the Service and Products, specifically item 2.4, “The Revel POS Platform is designed to give Customer flexibility in configuring its point of sale systems. Consequently, it is critical that Customer understands how to configure and use Customer’s POS Terminals and Back End portal, and that Customer ensures that transactions are properly processed and credited to Customer’s bank, loyalty and other relevant accounts. Customer acknowledges that it is Customer’s obligation to seek assistance if Customer has any questions about the processing and crediting of Customer’s point of sale transactions or if Customer needs assistance with the configuration and operation of the Revel POS Platform or third party products, software and services, and Revel will have no liability as a result of Customer’s failure to do so. Customer further acknowledges that it is Customer’s obligation to ensure on an ongoing basis that payments, loyalty transactions and any other transactions running through the Revel POS Platform are processed properly, and that the respective currency, credit, loyalty points, or other applicable transaction proceeds are accurately deposited in Customer’s relevant accounts, and Revel will have no liability as a result of Customer’s failure to do so.”